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Will I be welcomed? Yes.

Is there a dress code? No.

Will I be pointed out, or will I have to do anything? No.

Are women treated as equals here? Yes. If you have strong opinions otherwise, we may not be the church for you.

Does anyone roll around on the floor or swing from the chandelier? Little children dance, and roll on the floor. The chandelier is too high to reach.

Can I sit where I want? Yes. Our ushers do not seat people. We are especially happy if you sit where someone usually sits.

Can I keep my children in the service? Yes, if that makes you more comfortable.

What is offered for children during the service? Nursery is available little ones, and children's church is available up to age twelve.

Will my children be safe? We take child safety very seriously, and have policies in place to protect them.

What are sermons like? Sermons are based upon the scriptures, and careful attention is paid to real-life 21st century applications.

How will I know what to do during the service? The order of service, songs, and sermon are all projected.

Can I ask questions during the sermon? Yes. It is encouraged.

How long does the service last? The service begins promptly at 10:30 a.m. and finishes between 11:30 and 11:45 a.m.

What kind of music do you have? Most of the music is contemporary. In addition, we usually begin with one old favorite from the hymn book.

What denomination is Cheshire Community Church? The church does not belong to a denomination.

Does the church think they are right on every scriptural  issue? No. We don't agree among ourselves on all issues.

Do you take an offering? Yes. We have a pastor to pay and we keep the heat on in the winter and the air conditioning on in the summer. 

Do I have to give anything when the offering is taken? No. We don't expect visitors to contribute. 

Do you have handicapped access? We have an entrance ramp and a lift to navigate stairs. Unfortunately, we do not have an accessible bathroom.

Will the ceiling fall in if I come? That remains to be seen.

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