The Church Building in 1870

The Church Building in 1870

Picture of Rev. David Marks

Elder David Marks

Picture of Rev. William Taylor

Rev. William Taylor

The church in Cheshire was strongly influenced by a group known as the "Christians." These people were very influential in the rural areas of western New York during the 1800s. The main emphasis of the "Christians" was unity. They  encouraged fellowship with all who followed the teachings of  Jesus as they are found in the Scriptures. Their philosophy of ministry still remains the guiding principle of the leadership of the Cheshire Community Church.

The Cheshire Community Church can trace its beginnings back to 1796 when the Cokesbury Chapel Methodist Episcopal congregation was organized a mile or so north of Cheshire. First Baptist Church of Canandaigua was founded in 1802 on a hill a little south of Cheshire. A group from the Christian denomination established a church near Canandaigua Lake in Academy, New York in 1809. Later still, in1826, Rev. David Marks established First Freewill Baptist Church of Canandaigua, here in the Village of Cheshire.

The First Freewill Baptist Union Society building was constructed in 1840. The original edifice was erected by three of the Cheshire churches existing at that time. Before long, the Baptists, Methodists, and Christians were all sharing the building with the Freewill Baptists, who held a 50% interest in that structure.

There was a spiritual revival under the direction of the Freewill Baptist minister Rev. William Taylor in 1870. All four churches decided to merge into one united fellowship. They immediately constructed the church building that is still in use. From that time on the group became known as the Union Church of Cheshire. The Union Church of Cheshire was reorganized as the Cheshire Community Church in 1926.