We asked for some of our regular Cheshire Community Church people to answer two questions.

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What do you like about the congregation in Cheshire?

1.      Very loving and accepting family of God.


2.      Itís like my family with the Lord.


3.      non-denominational, fellowship opportunities, music, scripture-based sermons, opportunities for Christian service


4.      The messages, the people, the music and feeling closer to God


5.      The friendliness is unmatchable and Pastor Kevin teaches from the bible and has a great deal of understanding.


6.      The sense of family and community. The church people support and encourage each other.


7.      Pastorís ability to teach and relate to our lives. Music. Laid back atmosphere. Everyone is friendly. Itís small.


8.      There are people of every age from infant to senior citizen. Many dedicated people. -Strong in their faith.


9.      The love. 


How would someone benefit from attending church in Cheshire?

1.      Experiencing a church not like any they have ever been to before. This church would change the heart of people.


2.      Grow in their relationship with God and fellow Christians.


3.      Fellowship, a place to call home with love all around you. Learn to know Jesus better.


4.      They would learn what a friend we have in Jesus and this congregation.


5.      They would find a home. They would find a welcoming place to worship the Lord regardless of their background.


6.      They would learn about Jesus Christ in a fun and free environment while worshiping through music.


7.      If you are looking for family values, teaching in the bible- music for worship Ė we have all this, with love.


8.      A sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves.